Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 17, 2012

An Italian cruise ship ran aground. It came too close to an island in the mediterranean sea and hit rocks. This reminded some passengers of the Titanic film. The ship was soon on its side and filled with sea water. Some people died and some are still missing.

The cruise company says it was the fault of the captain who deviated from the usual route. He wanted to come close to the island to wave at the people on shore. The captain apparently miscalculated, hit the rocks, and left the ship before evacuation was complete. He is in jail while authorities investigate.

Some passengers said the captain had been partying, drinking and socializing. I often think of alcohol and/or drug use when I see tragic events in the news. And I ask myself, "What role did alcohol or drugs play in this incident?" Often it seems that accidents, violence, and corruption have drugs and/or alcohol involved.

We will see what the investigation uncovers. Even one ounce of alcohol influences judgment.

As folks in AA say, more will be revealed.

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